The Hygienist: Dr. Parham - Patient M

F1 - 10/2015 

Patient M, RDH knew she had a spot she was keeping an eye on – an incipient lesion between #29 and 30. The dental practice had recently integrated the Phocal fluoride disks into the practice and she was excited to try them. When in for a hygiene appointment, a Phocal pHn disk was placed and follow-up appointment set for 6 months.


Patient was in for follow-up appointment - another Phocal pHn disk was placed between #29 and 30. No x-rays taken on this date.

F2 - 07/14/16

Patient M was in for recall appointment and x-rays. Significant improvement to incipient lesion noted by decrease in translucency.


Reaction from Patient M, RDH

“Wow the decrease in the translucence is amazing! I'm sold and I can't wait to use the Phocal disks on other patients.”