The Solution

Phocal Fluoride Disks

Phocal fluoride disks represent a significant breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of interproximal caries. Every thin, hexagonal Phocal disk is designed to fit between teeth, and once there, to deliver a concentrated dose of fluoride to previously inaccessible interproximal sites.

Because Phocal disks are inserted directly into the interproximal site, they effectively break the isocap barrier between the teeth and directly deposit fluoride. This action prevents dental caries on intact surfaces, arrests the progress of incipient caries and enhances remineralization.

Independent in vitro studies using human saliva conducted at a renowned mid-western research institute clearly illustrate that the Phocal disks provide significantly superior fluoride uptake in the interproximal space when compared to a fluoride tray gel, fluoride varnish and fluoride rinse.