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A Simple, Effective Solution

After years of having to rely on less effective rinses varnishes and gels, or even invasive drilling and restoration, Phocal™ fluoride disks finally offer dental professionals a simple and effective alternative to address incipient interproximal caries.

ROI Calculator

Would you like to learn how Phocal can benefit your practice? Find out more by downloading our ROI calculator (Microsoft Excel format).


  • Offer unprecedented access to inaccessible interproximal sites.
  • Release fluoride directly to affected tooth surfaces.
  • Provide a concentrated dosage for approximately 10 minutes before the disk biodegrades
  • Provide an immediate and effective approach rather than to "wait-and-see".
  • Minimize the eventual need to drill interproximal caries.
  • Offer acidic (Apf) and neutral (pHn) therapeutic options for differing requirements.