About Phocal Therapy, Inc.

At Phocal Therapy, we take pride in creating innovative products that positively impact the lives of dental professionals and their patients in profound ways.

Our scientific team has focused on inventing dental solutions from a more molecular and less invasive level, in order to promote greater efficacy for practicing professionals, and reduced pain and trauma for the patients in their care.

The Phocal Therapy team has developed and patented multiple control-release, biodegradable delivery matrices to optimally treat and prevent dental decay and related symptoms such as sensitivity, discoloration and odors. Phocal fluoride disks are just the latest manifestation of our team's collective expertise, and serve as an example of our company's ongoing commitment to making dental care better for you and your patients.

Dr. A. Jodaikin, Phocal Therapy's chief scientist, is an expert in the fields of tooth structure, dental materials, and tooth restoration interfaces. His pioneering molecular research has been recognized with the Elida Gibbs Research Award, a Colgate-Palmolive Prize and the Weizmann Institute Reshof Memorial Prize. Dr. Jodaikin has been published in peer reviewed journals, lectured at various undergraduate and postgraduate institutions, and maintains a private dental practice while still leading the Phocal Therapy scientific team. His clinical awareness regarding the lack of effective prevention in the interproximal space inspired the Phocal concept.